Semalt Shares The Most Prominent Phone Number Scrapers On The Internet

More and more social media experts and digital marketers have turned to the phone to contact their potential customers. As an email scraper or scraper for obtaining leads, we should use a phone number scraper too. A phone number scraper is the fast, multithread application that makes it possible for us to extract hundreds to thousands of phone numbers in seconds. You just have to load the list of URLs you want to scrape phone numbers from, and allow your tool to perform its task by hitting the Start button.

Two distinctive and prominent phone number scrapers have been discussed below.

1. Web Data Extractor

You can customize what phone number formats you want to scrape, thanks to Web Data Extractor for making it possible. This tool allows you to use the patterns that match specific cities or countries and mobile phone formats. It is best known for its RegEx pattern matching technology and can be used to extract phone numbers from hundreds to thousands of websites at a time. You can also filter the phone numbers based on your requirements and can save the outputs on your hard drive. If you don't want to get phone numbers of certain locations or countries, you just have to adjust the settings of Web Data Extractor and perform your task easily. This tool is widely famous as a "link extractor utility." Web Data Extractor actually navigates through the list of URLs and scrapes email addresses and phone numbers, saving the data to its own database or your hard drive with just a few clicks.

2. Outwit Hub

Just like web data extractor, Outwit Hub is a comprehensive data scraper and phone number extractor on the internet. This tool can be used to scrape web documents, images, links, email addresses, fax, and phone numbers. You can export the scraped phone numbers to JSON or CSV formats. You can easily extract RSS feeds with Outwit Hub and perform multiple tasks at a time. The scraped phone numbers can also be exported to Excel and SWL scripts and HTML, while the images and web content are directly saved to your hard drive or Google Drive. This tool queries to search engines using our desired keywords, fetches the matching URLs, removes the duplicate URLs and searches through the websites to extract phone numbers or fax numbers.


You can use Web Data Extractor for small and large-sized projects, while Outwit Hub is good for both small and medium-sized data scraping projects. Both of these tools have their distinctive features and are primarily used to scrape phone numbers and email addresses of dynamic websites. The trial version of Web Data Extractor does not support the Save Format feature, which means you cannot properly save your phone numbers with it. Thus, you may opt for its paid version or try Outwit Hut that doesn't require any programming skills or technical knowledge. OutWit Hub is a multi-purpose app that is suitable for web developers and programmers and scrapers emails, images, tables, lists, charts, and phone numbers with ease. These applications impress with their simplicity and straightforwardness, but they are not suitable for high-profile phone number scraping tasks.